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Symptomatic Acupressure Syllabus

Introduction to

Symptomatic Acupressure




1.  The basic concepts of Chinese medicine.

2.   The meridians and pressure points.

3.    Major acupressure points.

4.    Preparation for treatment.



Treating common ailments.


1.      General vitality.

2.       Nervous system.

3.       Common cold.

4.        Flu.

5.        Sinusitis.

6.        Sore throat.

7.        Asthma.

8.        Indigestion and nausea.

9.        Flatulence and bloating.

10.  Constipation.

11.   Diarrrhoea.

12.   Menstrual pain.

13.   Arthritis of, neck and shoulder

      a.     Elbow.

      b.     Hands and wrist.

      c.     Hips and lumbar spine.

      d.     Knee.

      e.     Ankle

      f.       Back ache (Sciatica)


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